Features of HillStormer

  • Supports global optimization of several responses at the same time using membership-functions.
  • Permits optimization of mixtures or combinations of mixtures together with other control-variables  in your trials.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Allows as many variables as your problem may present. You can also add or eliminate variables  and   constraints during the optimisation-process whenever you need it.
  • Can present almost any combination of variables graphically in 2D and 3D.
  • Makes the definition of your project easy using a practical wizard that adapts to your particular   optimization problem.
  • Permits to store and  to recover partially defined problems. This is useful when bigger and more  complicated projects have to be defined.
  • Permits to start from already known trials if they exist. If still nothing is known, HillStormer   proposes a full set of points to start the investigation.
  • You may include in the project-definition your own descriptions and you can import bibliographic   documentation,  graphs etc.  via the clipboard. The resulting document is compatible with MS-Word.
  •  Permits to print out partial or full reports including graphs, optimization history,  comments, etc.  Furthernmore, it is possible to convert your optimization-project into an Excel document. 
  •  You may import data from MS-Excel sheets and insert data-sets during the definition of the  optimization project.
  •  You can modify your data in any moment (for example when you entered an erroneous value, etc.).
  • After approaching the optimum you can make use of the Newton-Raphson-option to improve your  results even more. 
  •  You can become familiar with the mathematical basics using the test-mode. This is a didactic option  that lets you do optimizations on defined test-functions and shows you graphically the optimization- path on the surface of this function.

Graphical representation of almost every combination of variables. can be done in 2D or 3D