It is very easy to work with HillStormer.


The project-wizard will guide you and adapt perfectly to your

particular project. You only have to enter data that are really






HillStormer contains a set of illustrative examples with different

grade of complexity. You may load these examples either as a

description of the problem and define then the proyect by yourself

using the wizard or load the already defined project to start imediately             the optimisation.


                                   This experience will help you to establish your own projects.


You can print in any moment a full or partial report of your optimization-proyect. This includes the proyect itself,  the history of the ongoing optimization,  the comments you made, any kind of graph, simplex-set  or  constraint-values etc.


Perhaps you detect during the optimization-process that you forgot to define a control-variable or some constraint. Also, you could decide that  some of them are superfluous.


All this is no problem with HillStormer.   Add or delete successively  as many 

                                    variables or constraints as you need.  The program will create from this moment

                                    on a new data-file  containing still all of the old information that 

                                    mathematically   makes sense.